Fruit Slots

RTP 97.0%
RTP 96.6%.
RTP 96.75%
RTP 96,83%
RTP 96.56%
RTP 93,05%

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Bonus up to:
$500 + 225 Free Spins
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250% + 125 FS
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Free Fruit Slots

Fruit slots are the most common slot machines in casinos. At Playfortune for Fun we offer you the possibility of playing fruit slot machines for free thanks to the demo version offered by online game developers.

Have you ever wondered how fruit symbols ended up on slot machines? Fruit slot machines were actually devised as a way to circumvent a prohibition according to which slot machines should only be placed in casinos. Because owners of bars, pubs and arcades wanted to meet the demand for a game similar in style to classic slot machines, the fruit machine was created. In the beginning, fruit machines did not even pay out money as a reward. O.D. Jennings, the person responsible for first introducing fruit symbols, actually named them ”chewing gum dispensers’’, as these machines only gave out winnings in the form of chewing gum. The gums had the same flavour as the winning fruit symbols on the reels.

The actual technology of these machines was based on Charles Fey’s popular Liberty Bell slot machine, which later started incorporating fruit symbols as well.

These fast-paced games are now available online to the delight of many fans. Although very similar to slot machines, online fruit machine have certain unique features compared to classic slot machines. These features are the cash ladder, which requires players to decide their next move by predicting higher or lower, and the bonus board feature or bonus trail.

There are two buttons specific to retro fruit machines – the hold and nudge buttons. With the “Hold” button, players can hold one or several reels still during their next spin. This feature requires more interaction from players as they are encouraged to keep symbols with a higher value on place to increase their chances of making a winning combination on their next spin. The “Nudge” button has a similar purpose, allowing you to nudge a good symbol along on the next spin.

The “Hi” and “Lo” buttons are another characteristic of fruit machine games. After every win, players are shown playing cards and they can predict the colour and suit of the next card. If they guess correctly, their winnings will be doubled, if their prediction is wrong, they get nothing. This gambling feature is popular in video poker games as well.

Another popular slots machine is the penny slot, which some players consider a fun and affordable game, while others refer to it as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Why this ambivalence? In theory, penny slots are simple slot machine games with low stakes, because you can bet as low as 1¢ per spin. Real penny slots will contain only a few pay-lines, making sure that you can keep your wagers at a minimum. Of course, casinos will encourage players to place bets higher than a penny per spin, and to bet on multiple lines, thus, quickly adding up losses.

Ideally, those who play penny slots should set a budget and stick to it even if they’re playing for such low stakes. Also, playing slots where you can bet on as many pay-lines as possible, while keeping the bet at 25¢ or less per spin, will ensure that you stake small bets for a chance to win reasonably high amounts on a lucky spin. Another way of getting the most of penny slots is to look for games that have only a few symbols, but contain multipliers or special symbols (e.g. wilds).
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