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Progressive Jackpot Slots

Top casinos offering Progressive Jackpot Slots in 2021
Bonus up to:
$/€500 Bonus + 225 Free Spins
Welcome Package
* New customers only
T&Cs Apply
- New customers only
- The first welcome bonus of 100% (up to $500) per deposit, as well as winnings for free spins, are credited to the Bonus account at this stage.
- The wagering coefficient for the first welcome bonus in the amount of 100% of the deposit is x40. You can wager the bonus within 30 days from the moment of its accrual.
- The wagering coefficient for free spins at the first stage of the welcome bonus is x20. The wagering period is 30 days from the moment of accrual.
- Winnings for free spins at the second stage of the welcome package are credited to the Actual account.
- Winnings for free spins at the third stage of the welcome package are credited to the Bonus account and wagered at a coefficient of x20. The wagering period is 30 days.
- Bonuses are canceled if they are not wagered on time.
- Winnings for free spins at the fourth stage of the welcome package are credited to the Actual account.
- Play Fortuna technical support staff are aware of all welcome bonuses. If you have any questions, please contact the chat 24/7.
Bonus up to:
250% + 125 FS
Start Bonuses
* New customers only
T&Cs Apply
- New customers only
- Starting 200% bonus is charged to the Bonus balance. The wagering coefficient is x30 of the deposit amount and bonus. You can wager the bonus within 5 days from the date of accrual.
- Free spins winnings go to the Bonus balance. The wagering coefficient is x40 of the winning amount. Use free spins within 7 days. You can wager the bonus within 30 days from the date of accrual.
- The final welcome bonus offer - 50% booster bonus up to 300 USD. It goes to the Bonus balance. The wagering coefficient is x30 of the deposit amount and bonus. You can wager the bonus within 10 days from the date of accrual.
- The bonus will be credited to your actual account immediately after wagering.
- If the bonus is not fully wagered within the required time - it is canceled.
Bonus up to:
100% up to $/€500
Starting Bonus
* New customers only
T&Cs Apply
- New customers only
- Get a starting promotion for a deposit of $10 or more after activating this bonus. No welcome reward will be awarded without activation.
- You will receive a bonus equal to 100% of the made deposit. The accrual does not exceed $500. You can withdraw this amount only after wagering with x40 odds.
- The period for wagering the bonus is 30 days - after this period, the accruals are debited from your account.
- While the accrual is on the Bonus account, it cannot be used for bets and you cannot perform any other actions with it - only withdraw to the Real account if all wagering conditions are met.
Welcome bonus:
655% up to $3275
+ 50 Free Spins
* New customers only

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

Have you ever seen the promotions, or social media ads where one or another casino offers to trigger a jackpot? You are most likely to think – Nah, it is not true because the amounts are too high to be real. Thus, you should know that you are deeply mistaken since massive jackpots do exist, and do offer high wins. Some of them may even reach $1M. On some occasions, such bonuses are called progressive jackpots and they are possible to win even if you are new to the gambling industry.

Learn more about progressive slots and make up your mind on their relevance for your pocket.

Normally, the gambling industry divides the jackpots into fixed and progressive ones. The fixed name suggests itself, it involves a fixed amount to win individually set and offered by a casino. For instance, it may be 400,000 coins or 10,000 coins only. And, it does not depend on the amounts you bet with. It is the sole decision and funds of the casino. Moreover, fixed jackpots are easy to hit twice because they are many and for many slots available. While the progressive jackpot is a rare bonus.

What are progressive slots? It is actually the top payout offered and hugely promoted by a casino. It may be linked to one trending slot that is very popular among players of the website. If you want to try your luck with it, there are most likely to be some requirements including a fixed maximum wager to be eligible. It has the tendency to be increased in the amount if the game is still played by gamblers, but the progressive jackpot is still untouched. Once it is won, the jackpot is reset to the established by the casino value – for instance, from $1M to 300,000, etc.

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

As with any gambling solution, everything depends on computer algorithms and mechanics. Jackpots stand for one’s luck, and they are randomly distributed per player. It means that you can play 100 times per day but still see no result. Thus, you should clearly understand whether you want to risk your money or not to occasionally win any massive win.

Such jackpots work by collecting a small to medium proportion from each player’s bet and adding it to the pool of funds for someone’s future win. The longer, it is left unwon, the higher the amounts will be promoted by a casino. Experts do also refer to that sum collected as the meter, and it can be taken from not only one slot simultaneously. Everything depends on the casino regulations.

Let’s take an example. Imagine one slot is very popular among users. All these users contribute to it for a play, and their bet proportions are directly flying to the jackpot pool. They continue playing until one of them is lucky enough to hit the jackpot but only if they meet the wager eligibility. So, you may both contribute to a progressive jackpot by simply playing a free progressive slots and not.

How to Trigger Slots Jackpot?

It is a very common question but there is no secret answer since everything is random. One or another player after a spin may occasionally receive a random number or hand, and if it corresponds to the set algorithm, the jackpot is triggered.

Beyond that, pros share the following ways of triggering progressive jackpot:

  • Go for a maximum stake only. Yes, it is risky but some slots set such criteria for eligibility. While those who do not want to play with high stakes are linked to being offered average jackpots. Accordingly, the more high-value stakes you make, the more chances you can trigger a jackpot;
  • Land special symbols. Jackpot casino games are triggered when a player lands a symbol combination predetermined by the algorithm. For instance, if you were lucky enough to land 5 similar symbols on the 15th payline, you could collect the massive win;
  • Play bonus rounds/game. Some players do also come across bonus rounds or games where jackpots may be triggered as well. You can be offered to pick the cards, guess the color of the card, or select the prize among others.

Most of the players who managed to trigger a casino jackpot did it by chance. Thus, it means that everyone has equal chances to participate and end up enlarging their pockets. Still, such jackpots are also linked to addiction and dangers. Some may lose all their money in order to win a jackpot. Accordingly, you should participate in such promotions only when you have enough budget.

Best Progressive Jackpots Online

First off, you should understand that some casinos go the extra mile in promoting progressive jackpots. For instance, such advertisements as – NO ONE TRIGGERED THIS JACKPOT YET, or IT IS ALREADY 1$M, among others. The longer it is unwon, the more players will be hooked on such a marketing ploy and would want to try their luck.

In 2018, a £22M progressive jackpot was won by an anonymous player who just spent their time playing on the Android Device. A player’s stake started with 75 cents and they spent approximately 50 spins on the game to trigger such a win. The slot was called Mega Moolah.

Another case is also linked to Mega Moolah when one player triggered £21.1M jackpot in 2015.

Then, gorgeous jackpot slots trigger was in Mega Fortune slot where one anonymous player managed to earn £20M.

Those who want to try it themselves, but access the highest possible progressive jackpot should definitely rely on land-based casinos. Their jackpots are not comparable with the ones seen online. Especially, when it comes to Las Vegas, the capital of gambling across the world. There was one event when a young man triggered £39M by playing Megabucks in Excalibur (local casino).

So, where to play the best for progressive jackpot?

  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming;
  • Hall of God by NetEnt;
  • Aztecs Millions by RealTimeGaming;
  • Arabian Nights by NetEnt;
  • Fruit Fiesta by Microgaming.

They are just examples and today many casinos and slot providers launch their own progressive jackpots.

Try Your Intuition with Progressive Jackpots

By using the, you may access a number of casino providers where progressive jackpots slots are a common thing. Beyond that, you may find slots with both real cash and free games, the latter ones are perfect for those who do not want to risk it all. There are demo versions, no registration, and no deposit.

Pros and Cons of Jackpot Slots Games

Don’t think that progressive jackpot slots are only linked to unlimited advantages since, like any other gaming solution, they may bring harm or cause negative outcomes. Below, you may learn the main pros and cons of jack pot slots, and give your independent verdict on their efficacy and profit:


  • They are fun, and all about excitement. Some players expect them to tickle their nerves and potentially win anything;
  • They come with different amounts of funds. Some may reach millions of dollars or euros;
  • You may occasionally win by placing one bet only;
  • Modern progressive jackpot machines are powered with instant payouts, hence, you won’t wait for months to receive your money.


  • They are risky for those who have a tendency to spend too much money on gambling;
  • Progressive jackpot games may have certain wager eligibility which will make one spend more on bettings;
  • You may play for ages and do not trigger any win. It is all about random only.

Thus, it is up to you to decide whether you want to play yourself such slots. If you require a list of proven casinos where such games are ongoing, rely on our website. There are reviews of providers, slots, and proven casinos.

The Verdict

Progressive jackpots are both a good manipulation for casinos to hook more players to join them for gameplay and a good chance to trigger a massive win. You cannot predict a winning as well as you cannot know a certain combination of jackpot set by the computer machine. If you clearly understand all the risks and are aware of the random aspect, such games may excite you, and enrich you with fun. Still, please abstain from progressive jackpots if you have the tendency to addictive outcomes or you believe you may easily spend all your money. This website promotes fair and responsible gaming only!